2013 Movies

movieSince I love movies so much, I thought I’d post about the ones I saw in 2013 that stood out for me….Good or bad, they’re memorable!
Let’s harken back to last year…

heatThe Heat
If you watch Melissa McCarthy in Mike & Molly, don’t watch this film with any expectations of that character.  I’ll just say it’s not light on the language!  She plays Boston cop Shannon Mullins, who gets her perp by whatever means necessary – rules and regs are not her forte!
Sandra Bullock is a terrifically uptight FBI agent, Sarah Ashburn.  Everything is done by the book, and she makes you wonder exactly how much fun she has in her life!
The two end up working together to take down a drug lord.  There were some times I thought it was a little long, but it was definitely funny at certain points. There were some surprisingly heartfelt moments that were lovely.

die hardA Good Day To Die Hard
Yes, I saw this.  I had enjoyed the original Die Hard and a couple of the sequels, so I wanted to see this one.  You definitely have to utilize ‘Suspension of Disbelief’!  Some of the action scenes just seem absolutely crazy.
That said, it was fun to see McClane’s son (Jai Courtney) grown up and able to handle himself.  There are a few surprises with his son (no, I won’t give it away!) and some really good father/son moments.
If you’re in the mood for a crazy action movie, give it a shot.

thiefIdentity Thief
Melissa McCarthy is on a roll!  In this movie, she plays Diana, a thief who hacks into the account of Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman).  He decides to track her down and that’s where the ball starts rolling.  They’re both so good in this movie: She with her physical humor and smart mouth and he with his dry responses.  Again, when I watched it I thought some of it was a little long – but most of it seemed necessary to the script.
Sandy Patterson tries to bring her home to straighten out the situation and she does NOT make it easy.  There’s a surprising role by Eric Stonestreet (Cam on Modern Family) and it was really hard to believe it was the same actor!
There are some genuinely touching moments and times when I couldn’t stop laughing.  I prefer this one to The Heat and love how her real-life husband (Ben Falcone) makes cameos in her movies!  I’d turn this on if it were on TV.  🙂

Mom and I saw this because it’s tradition that we see a Christmas/Winter movie every year for my birthday (November baby).  Admittedly, I was taken by Olaf (the snowman) in the trailer.  The premise is about Anna (Kristen Bell), a princess who sets off to bring back her sister, Elsa (Idina Menzel).  Elsa has magical powers over cold weather and their kingdom has been stuck in a wintery state.
Now, this movie I really thought could be a tad shorter.  It may not run that long, but some parts seemed to, especially at the beginning when the girls are growing up.
Anna teams up with Kristoff to reach the icy castle and it really starts to pick up when Olaf comes along!  Olaf is a perpetually cheerful, buck-toothed snowman voiced by Josh Gad (a terrifically funny actor, he played Skip Gilchrist on the short-lived 1600 Penn).  I liked it!  Idina Menzel has a beautiful voice and “Let It Go” can indeed get stuck in your head.  I loved that all the actors did their own singing.
However.  Nothing gets stuck in your head like Olaf’s song “In Summer”, which he sings while daydreaming about how lovely summer would be for a snowman like himself.  Ok, a little softshoe tap by Olaf tugs at my heart as well!

desp. me 2Despicable Me 2
I saved the best for last!  I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the first movie as much as I did – it was funny and surprisingly heartwarming.  I couldn’t wait for the sequel!
It brings together Gru, Margo, Ages and Edith once more!  Gru (Steve Carrell) is recruited by Lucy (Kristen Wiig) from the Anti-Villian League to find out who has stolen the lab and its contents, PX-41.  The Minions are back, too!!  Like the first one, it has a lot of heart, unexpectedly so at times.
I love it so much I got it for Christmas.  🙂

Have you seen any especially good movies lately?  Let me know!

I hope to do this every quarter.  I may not always post about current movies, but they’ll be ones I’ve seen for the first time that made an impression.
Just know that whether I’m lounging on my couch in jams or sitting in a plush movie theater, absorbing every word, I’m doing it for YOU, my loyal followers.  🙂


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