Blast From The Past!

Take a trip to the past with me!

Take a trip to the past with me!

So, today brings with it a different sort of post.  Not a recipe or book review, but rather some musings.

Mom and I were talking about television in the days of yore: When violence wasn’t graphic (or a regular occurrence), ladies’ undergarments weren’t seen and men were true gentlemen.

Now, I do watch shows that don’t epitomize that description.  Yes, I watch Scandal and Blacklist…though admittedly, my eyes are closed and ears covered for about 30% of it!   I firmly believe that with talented writers and directors, graphic scenes needn’t be filmed in order to enhance a show or movie.

We were discussing shows such as Bonanza and Little House On The Prairie, which  made me think of the shows and cartoons I used to watch growing up.  Many of my thoughts turned to cartoons, which were a delight indeed!

There are shows that I’ll have to get on DVD for my kids to watch, but will be well worth it!  Here are some of my favorite shows from days gone by….

reading rainbowReading Rainbow:  There really are no words to describe this.  LeVar Burton recommended books to us!  Did it get any better?  Along with that, there were fascinating field trips!  I distinctly remember the episode wherein he visited a Renaissance Fair and was actually making cotton by brushing the freshly shorn wool from a sheep.  I don’t doubt this is what started my intrigue in such historical periods!  If you’re a fan, you must read this interview with him!

Mister Rmr rogers neighborhoodogers’ Neighborhood:  A classic show indeed!  It seems foreign these days: A kindly man assuring you that you’re just fine the way you are – no changes needed!  Everyday trips to the Land of Make Believe brought with it subtle but distinct lessons about kindness, tolerance and other vital qualities.  Mr. Rogers always took trips everyday to learn something new (of course, the trip to the bakery would be at the forefront of my mind!).

CBS Stmjworybreak:  This came about when I was a little older; It had a similar format to Reading Rainbow, but for older kids.  When I watched it, it was hosted by Malcolm Jamal Warner.  I distinctly remember recognizing the host as Theo, from The Cosby Show!  That was so cool!

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?:  This was like a dreacarmen sandm come true!  We had long since played the computer game (on our Commodore 64!).  Actually, let me correct that – we played the Where In Time version, and I recall Dad at the helm, history buff that he is!  We eagerly pursued the V.I.L.E. Henchmen across the globe and throughout history!

The show was actually more of a gameshow, oh, but nevertheless I loved it so!  A constant battle of wits against the world’s savviest criminal mind and always, always learning more about geography!  Lynne Thigpen was marvelous as the Chief, and who can forget the Rockapella group?!

As for cartoons, let me harken back..

jetsonsJetsons:  This is still one of my favorite cartoons!  Everything about them was fascinating – their flying, compact cars, sky-high homes…things that seem frighteningly close to reality these days!  When The Jetsons Meet The Flintsones was made, it was the pinnacle of fantabulousness!

The Hahair bear bunchir Bear Bunch:  Oh, I loved this!  Who else remembers the escapades of the three bears in the Wonderland Zoo?  I adored how their cave was similar to the BatCave – so many gadgets in disguise!

Snorks!  snorksSo much to see, waiting for you and me…. That theme song can easily get into your head!  I wonder if my attraction to them has anything to do with growing up in the islands and snorkeling?  Ah, well, no matter the reason, they were a groovy bunch of pals who got to live underwater!

Fraggle Rock:  Yet another hit fromfrock the brilliant mind of Jim Henson!  Fraggles lived underground and worked as little as possible, living a rather carefree lifestyle! They lived in their own cavernous world, sparring with their enemies, the Gorgs.  Dance your cares away…Worries for another day…..

As I got older, there were other shows I loved, like the animated Science Court.  Throughout a court hearing, testimony and evidence exemplified scientific facts.  It made for a grand Saturday morning!

As an adult (in age only!), I’m a fan of the Hallmark Channel and am very pleased that it has acquired several family-friendly series within the last year:

Cedar Cove: This will resonate with any Debbie Macomber fan!  In the small town of Cedar Cove, lives entangle, complete with intrigue, heartbreak and, naturally, love!  While the series of books focuses on one main character or family per book (always involving the other townspeople), the TV series focuses more on Judge Olivia Lockhart and stems outwards to others.  The books were addicting and I’m really enjoying the series!

When Calls The Heart:  Based on the bestselling series by Janette Oke, this was a 2013 Hallmark Channel movie that was made into a series.  It revolves around Elizabeth Thatcher, a young lady who follows her dream of being a teacher, which takes her to the town of Coal Valley.  The movie depicted fortitude, compassion, faith and was immensely enjoyable!  I’m eager to watch the series!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered:  This was another Hallmark movie that is being made into a series.  Postal workers in the Dead Letter Office deliver those letters that have never reached their destination.  The movie was lovely and I look forward to the series this Spring!

I’d love to hear from you – what were your favorite shows growing up?  Are there any your kids would enjoy?  Reminisce and let me know!

Should you try any of those TV series, I think you’ll enjoy them…

But don’t take MY word for it!



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