WHO Is On Your Reading List?

WHO are you reading?

Oh, that owl – he cracks me up!  So cute!

So, last year I was posting every quarter the books I had read, but the year became a whirlwind of insanity (as is wont to happen).  The following is a list of some more books I read last year (at least….those I remembered to put into Goodreads!).

Mommywood & Uncharted TerriTori by Tori Spelling

Yes, ok, I read the sequels.  I didn’t  like the second book (Mommywood) at all.  It was whiny and full of barely veiled jabs at people.  The third (Uncharted TerriTori) was better because it seemed to be assembled a little more coherently.  That’s pretty much all I can say about those.

Every Crooked Nanny (#1) and To Live and Die In Dixie (#2) by Kathy Hogen Trocheck

The first two books in the Callahan Garrity series!  Callahan owns a housecleaning business (House Mouse) after a career in Law Enforcement but still she finds herself involved in a variety of murders, burglaries and the like.

What sets this series apart are the characters – her mother, Edna, is an absolute hoot – and the voice.  It reminds me of Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias.  I really like how serious subjects can be tackled, and Callahan is very relatable.

Oh, and yes, there is a smidge of love thrown in!

Six Years, by Harlan Coben

If you’re a fan of Harlan Coben, you know that he writes both stand-alone mystery/thrillers (such as this one) and a series (more about that later).

College professor Jake Fisher finds out that his love from many years ago, Natalie, is now a widow.  When he attends the funeral, he realizes that the woman many know as Natalie is not the same person he knew (and that’s not a metaphor).

I’m a fan of Harlan Coben, so I was a little disappointed with this book.  I was able to figure out certain plot twists ahead of time, which is very rare with his books.

He’s written many books; One of the stand-alone books I enjoyed was Just One Look.  If you enjoy humor, I suggest the Myron Bolitar series that he writes (Deal Breaker is #1).  Myron is a basketball player turned sports agent.  There’s lots of humor, good dialogue and Win…all I can say is Win!  Read one and you’ll think twice about people who wear polo shirts and loafers!

Sweet Talk, by Julie Garwood

This is book #10 in the Buchanan-Renard series, and I really enjoyed it!!!

Olivia Mackenzie is ruthless, fearless, relentless…

She’s an IRS agent!

In the midst of investigating a Ponzi scheme, she crosses paths with FBI Agent Grayson Kincaid.  With such powerful acronyms, anything can happen!!  Intrigue, danger and not just a touch of romance!  Read it this weekend!

Fool’s Gold, by Jennifer Skully

This is the second book in the Cottonmouth Series and involves some of the peripheral characters from the first, She’s Gotta Be Mine (read my review here!).

Sheriff Tyler Braxton finds himself helping his sister, which brings with it family troubles, murder and online erotica.

Yes, you read that last part right.  Is this book on your list yet?! 🙂

I hope you’ve found a book or two you’d like to read!  Please share with me what you’re reading, I can never have too many on my ‘To-Read’ list!


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4 Responses to WHO Is On Your Reading List?

  1. Karen C says:

    Excellent read list … I shall pick up a couple of your favorites! 🙂

  2. Lovely list! Will get some of these.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a lovely space here.

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