busyYes, I’m here!  I didn’t venture into the Devil’s Triangle, or, worse, into the black hole of reality shows!

No, I’m here, and haven’t forgotten about blogging.  Let me bring you up to speed on things lately!

I am currently in the midst of the madness that is school.  One of my classes (Capstone) is essentially The Big Practical Exam for Pastry Students: Chef tells me what to make and I make it.

Don’t let the simple description fool you!  I firmly believe this class is responsible for my nail-biting/lack of sleep/closed chakra syndrome!

Thus far, I’ve made:

  • A quickbread (muffins) with a mystery ingredient (sour cream).  The result: A FABULOUS orange-chocolate chip muffin, though I have to admit: My baking and cooking has changed so radically since I became ill last year, that I much prefer muffins made without oil now!
  • Danishes: For a change from the usual cream cheese/blueberry/german chocolate (yes, you read that right!) filling, mine were made with a simple but incredible icing, topped with slivered almonds and cinnamon & sugar.  Great flavor!
  • Pumpkin Chiffon Pie: Let it be known that I’ve heard and said the word Chiffon so often over the last week and a half that I shall never wear it!!  That being said – great filling and crispy crust!

Next on the list: a plated dessert consisting of pate choux (dough that can be made into eclairs, cream puffs & the like), pastry cream and a caramel sauce.

My other class is Advanced Cake Decorating, which I absolutely love!!  Take a peek below to see the wedding cake that was our class project last week – just beautiful!


Elegance?  Whimsy?  Why, I must wholeheartedly agree!

Now, the ‘after’ photo – what’s that?  I didn’t mention that this cake was going to be used as a prop in the play?  A cake that weighs nigh on two hundred pounds and took half a dozen bakers over 70 hours to assemble was supposed to look like it was from JERSEY??

Oh yes, my faithful followers, you read that right – indulge, if you dare, in the following photo…


It looks like it was visited by the Grinch and Queen of Hearts!

There are also midterm and final cakes to prep for – more about those later!  Oh, and for some odd reason, my brain chooses NOW to kick into overdrive for experimental cake flavors and Christmas presents!

I can’t explain it.

I’ll be back with more updates when I can!  Adieu!

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