The 3 Rs: Reading, reading and reading!

matilda bookwormAs I must still rest and stay off my feet post-surgery, I unfortunately can’t be up and experimenting in the kitchen, concocting marvelously delicious recipes with tantalizing photos to share with all of you.

Never fear, it shall happen!  As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, the dancing sugarplums in my head have been replaced with thoughts of rich, dark chocolate…sweet, moist cherries….a warm infusion of Kirschwasser…

What ingredients spell L-O-V-E more than those?!

In the meantime, onto another of my passions!

Books.  Reading.  There is hardly anything I love more.  Unless you count baking.

Ok, so I have many passions – we’ll not speak of the sporadic singing and dancing.


Consider yourselves lucky!

Anywho, behold one of my most recent discoveries!  Goodreads!  A site made for book-lovers such as myself – a place to exchange favorite titles, join bookclubs – or just organize all your books.

Not that anyone would consider THAT a crazy Saturday night….    smiley

You can login via Facebook, and can have your progress posted on the timeline, which makes it easy to keep your friends abreast of your reading, especially if you’re friends on GR as well.

Goodreads also has the 2013 Reading Challenge!  It’s proven to be such a huge success over the last couple years that it’s back, with more participants than ever!  The concept is very simple:  Pick the number of books you want to read over the upcoming year and update your status as you read them.

I chose 30 this year – it’s a fairly low number, but thought it a good one to begin with, as I’m finishing school, had surgery, etc.  As it is I’ve made decent progress already.

Another tip about Goodreads:  Rate your books!  It takes but a moment to rate a book you’ve read and add a review.  Benefits include:

  • Your Goodreads friends can see your reviews – always nice to have when picking your next book!
  • It helps you remember WHY you loved a book!
  • Recommendations.  I love them!  The more books you rate, the more books GR recommends to you!  Which leads to MORE books on your ‘to-read’ shelf!

There are so many authors I’m enjoying!  One of my all-time favorites is Jennifer Crusie – I’m always on the lookout for her next book!  They’re so good – don’t hesitate to dive into Dogs and Goddesses, The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes or Wild Ride, just for starters!  I love the combination of love, wacky characters, truly unique humor and the occasional dose of magic!

I’ll be back with more of my favorite authors and books du moment.  Please let me know some of your favorites!

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” – William Styron

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4 Responses to The 3 Rs: Reading, reading and reading!

  1. Bree S. says:

    I have say Richard Bach is my all time favorite author. Illusions changed my life in a good way, along with all of his other books (Bridge Across Forever and One come to mind, of course Jonathan Livingston Seagull.)

    Right now, I am reading “The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace,” by M. Scott Peck. I’ve been taking my time on this one, as pretty much every page is brilliantly written and relevant to our times and especially to what I want to do with my life. I’m not done yet, but so far I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about other’s experiences with “true” community and suggestions on how we can heal ourselves and our world.

  2. Earl Newton says:

    I absolutely hate you. I am now hooked on Goodreader.

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