Crunchy deliciousness

cookingAs I was pondering the many, many, many hours spent in the kitchen at school over the last year, it struck me what I must post next.

The Crunch Torte

Note the infamous Torte in all its glory:

*cue trumpets and dramatic entrance music*


Don’t let the simplistic appearance fool you!  The capitalization alone indicates the Secret Power it Wields!  It’s an amalgamation of texture and taste that will grab hold of you like a crazed money making a dive for the last banana!

It is THAT good.

I didn’t believe it at first – everyone, and I mean everyone at school loves this cake: teachers, students, staff.  How good could a cake be?

I was about to find out!

As I haven’t the recipe readily available, let me give you the gist of the cake: A vanilla genoise (an Italian Sponge Cake) that has been torted (sliced in half laterally).  The layers can be moistened with a simple syrup, if desired (a great way to inject both moisture and flavor) – we used rum in the simple syrup.  Feel free to mix it up: Grand Marnier, Amaretto – anything will work, though I suggest nothing too sharp.  Keep in mind, if you opt to not use a simple syrup, or just want to change it up a little bit, you can always add the alcohol to the Chantilly Cream.  Remember, though, when you add it to the cream, it won’t cook out as it will in the simple syrup, and will be stronger, so add with caution.

Each layer is then filled with a Lick-Every-Last-Drop-Delicious Chantilly Cream.  Oh my gosh.  So good.  It’s just sweet enough, with a great pop of vanilla.  Once torted, filled and layered, the outside is iced with – what’s that?  Yes, even MORE of the Chantilly Cream.  Because to use anything else would be criminal!

What looks like graham cracker crumbs on the outside is actually called a krokant, which
is German for brittle.  It’s made from butter and sugar, and when it’s boiling, gets poured over toasted almonds (on Silpat).  When it’s cool, you put it in a Ziploc and break it up into fine pieces.  This is used to adorn the sides and top of the iced cake.

More Chantilly is used for the rosettes on top, and accented with chocolate coins made earlier.

As there is always a sample cake that our Chef uses for demonstration, we all got a piece to taste.  I actually managed to wait until the next night to taste it – 36 whole hours!  Once I tasted it, I couldn’t imagine how I waited that long!

It’s without a doubt one of the best cakes I’ve ever had – it’s light and airy, slightly sweet, slightly crunchy with a really delicious vanilla flavor and undertone of rum – Definitely 5 stars!

Rest assured, when I find the recipe, I will post it!

For now, enjoy the photo!

Crunch slice

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2 Responses to Crunchy deliciousness

  1. Earl Newton says:

    Excellently written! I could practically taste it myself!

    Dangit, now I want cake.

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