A sweet 2012!


As it’s New Year’s Eve, I feel obligated to post to post about the coming year, but it’s a little hard to do since I really don’t make resolutions.  While I’m trying to organize my thoughts and goals for 2013 so they’ll make a fairly logical post, I thought it would be a good time to post some delicious pictures from school last semester!

I’m sure there are more floating around, but here are some to get you started!

From my Cake Decorating class:

In October, we had our own cupcake competition, and mine were Halloween/Spooky themed.

Everybody loves their Mummy!


(I just love his tongue!)  I used bits of flavored Tootsie Rolls for his eyes and tongue – as for the bottom of his face, no it’s not a goatee, I think it got a little smushed.  🙂

Creepy Crawlies…


I think it was my Mom who found this cupcake online – a great idea!  I think the web will get better with practice, but I enjoy how his head peeks out – again, the colored Tootsie Rolls are a great multi-tasking confection!

Watch Where You’re Going!


I loved this one!  It was just adorable!!  And very easy to make – I used a large rose icing tip to create the purple dress ruffles, and a small smear of icing atop the cupcake is just fine, no need to be fancy about it since it’s going to take a nosedive into the plate!

The hat was a mint chocolate cookie, but you could also use half of a chocolate sandwich cookie.  I wanted to use a Hershey’s Kiss for the top part, but it was too small, so I ended up piping some vanilla frosting swirled with a dab of black gel color.  Not bad, but I think if I do it again I’d like to make it look more like a witch’s hat – if you’ve done this before and have some suggestions, please let me know!

As for the legs, boots and broom – yep, Tootsie Rolls to the rescue again!  It was incredibly easy to make; for the handle of the broom, I used a vanilla TR and added a dab of brown gel icing color, the just rolled it, folded it, and repeated several times until the white wasgone.  I like the look, very much like wood grain.  Note: Use gloves when you do this, or you’ll have brown hands!

The broom bristles were…about 1/2 of a TR that I rolled a little longer, and snipped with scissors.

I really loved making these – and the witch would be so easy to do with kids for Halloween!  If you’re feeling adventurous, you could add so much more!  A black cat, cape – the list goes on!

If you’ve done anything like this, please post a link, I’d love to see it!  Seeing other people’s creativity is such fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe New Year’s Eve….see you next year!

Oh, and in the meantime, I ask your patience with my formatting while I adjust to this new world of personal blogging, coding and the like.  🙂


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